Saturday, October 26, 2013

Emily Dickinson Archives, an open-access website

Emily Dickinson doll, from the Academy of American Poets
This is extremely exciting!  Anyone who wants to can now search the archives of Emily Dickinson's poetry by going to this website:

I have already found my two favorite poems:

Angels, in the early morning,


In this short Life

To actually view her very own handwriting is something no less than a tiny miracle.  You can see her dashes, her capitals, how she oriented her lines...everything.  It's sort of amazing and I feel as if I may be searching this site and not getting anything done for at least today.   Emily Dickinson is considered to be one if the greatest poets.

 If you know anything about me, you know that I have always been a fan of hers and that my last book, DESTINY, REWRITTEN, was centered around her poetry.

I even ordered an Emily Dickinson doll for my office.  Notice how she is dressed in white, because that was what Ms. Dickinson mostly wore.  I purchased this doll from the Academy of American Poets.  The website is here, just in case you find you might need one:


Caroline Starr Rose said...

I love everything about this! Off to share!

Kathryn Fitzmaurice said...

thank you, Caroline!