Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Small Bag of Dirt

A bag of dirt from Zenimura Field
I received this bag of dirt in the mail a few weeks ago.  It's from Tetsuo Furukawa.  He attended the 70th anniversary to celebrate Kenichi Zenimura last spring.  Someone in Arizona decided Mr. Zenimura needed a baseball field named after him.  I completely agree with this.  He was an inspiration to so many Japanese Americans who were interned during WWII.

Mr. Furukawa thought that I should have some of the dirt from the field.  He actually bent down, and placed some in a baggie for me.  He wrote on the bag, Zenumura Field, Rivers, AZ, 3-8-2013.

Someone made a Youtube video of that day.  You may watch it here:

Each day, I walk past that bag of dirt, which sits on the bookshelf in my office, on my way to my desk.  Sometimes, I pick it up.  I wonder...what made Mr. Furukawa think that dirt was important enough that he wanted to take some home with him.

Whatever it was, I am so happy he sent a small bit of it to me.

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Jennifer Rumberger said...

How cool that he thought of you! What a great memento!