Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her rejection letter

I found this letter among my grandmother's unpublished manuscripts. It's a rejection letter from her agent, Phyllis Westberg. My grandmother had written a short story, entitled, "Onions in the Hash," which was attached to the letter. Ms. Westberg sent the story to seven different magazines, hoping they might want to publish it. Each one, however, politely declined.

This is the road most writers walk. Typically, there are many rejections before publication. I imagine she had a conversation with her agent about revising the story, or possibly writing another one all together.

Stories are like that. Sometimes they sweep us off our feet with their honesty and utter perfection. Other times they sit in a drawer with a rejection letter attached to them, waiting for the writer to pull them out again.


Pete Klein said...

I came across your blog while checking on Phyllis as I sometimes do. She is a very long time friend of mine.
Sorry to hear Phyllis couldn't help with your grandmother's story.
Pete Klein

Kathryn Fitzmaurice said...

Pete, My grandmother was very happy with her agent. This was just one of those stories that never made it to publication. Thank you very much for your comment.