Sunday, February 22, 2009

a blog tour

Well it is a good thing I met Sally Apokedak. She has posted so many informational pieces about blog tours for authors. I've learned plenty over the last several months, printing her posts and stuffing them into a big file. Now she's gone ahead and set up one for me. She's pretty much a whiz, and I'm looking forward to this next three day tour. Being a first time author, I'm very excited to be hosted by so many amazing bloggers. (I've read all their blogs; librarians, authors, passionate readers, stay-at-home moms, etc. Some of them have even interviewed me, and we're giving away a few signed copies of the book this week.) Here is Sally's blog, KidzBookBuzz:

And here is a line up of the bloggers she's chosen for me:

I feel as though I've been welcomed into a room full of friends. Thank you, Sally!


sally apokedak said...

Oh, my pleasure! You've written a wonderful book and as a blog tour author you're a class act.

I'm looking forward to learning more about you and what's coming up in your life over the next few days. And I can't wait to see what recipe you've given to Natasha at Maw's Book Blog.

April said...

Hi Kathryn! You have written such an awesome book and I am just thrilled to get to be part of this tour! I can't wait to read what the other hosts have planned for the tour!

Bellezza said...

Normally, the authors don't interact with us as much as you have. That's sad because it's fun to have contact with the author, and I've loved the little conversations, short as they may be, that we've shared these past few days. You've had quite a successful tour, and I think that's due in great part to your warmth. Well, that and a good book.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

You've written a delightful book, Kathryn. It's been a privilege to talk about it these last few days.